Here is a list of a few frequently asked questions which may help you if you have a query about the Art History in Focus website


Is it free to join Art History in Focus?
Yes it is free. You can simply browse the site at leisure, or if you wish to make bookings online you can register your details with us.

How do I register online?
Simply click “Register” at the top of the home page and enter your details. If you register your details online we can also send you occasional newsletters with updates about Art History in Focus news, tours and events. Registering also enables you to book online.

How can I check my online details, for example see if I have registered as a Friend, alter my address or see what I have booked online?
Easy – just log into your account and click “My Account”. You’ll see your account and booking details and if you need to alter anything just click “Change Account Details”.

How do I change details of my online registration/membership?
To edit any of your membership details or change your password, just log in by clicking the link in the top right hand corner of the home page (LOG IN) and entering your email and password. Then click "Change Account Details". (Please note this is a membership account only, we do not store any financial information or card details if you pay for anything online.)

Shall I register my spouse, friend or partner, and how does this work?
We recommend that you register the details of anyone living at the same address who already joins you (or may wish to join you) on trips and events, as this will enable you to enjoy benefits such as a more rapid accumulation of points on our new loyalty scheme, or the possibility of applying for joint subscription to Friends of Art History in Focus (available to two people living at the same address).

However, it is the primary account holder's email and password that must be used if you wish to make bookings online or make changes to your account. It is only the primary account holder who receives confirmations of bookings and emails about their account.

The other member will receive newsletters if their email address is registered. However, they will not be able to use their own email address to log into the site or make bookings and should use the details of the primary account holder if they wish to do so.

If you wish to change the primary and secondary account holder around, please log in and go to the Change Account Details page.

How do I alter my password or what happens if I lose it?
We recommend that you make your password memorable, using the Change Account Details page. In the event that you lose or forget your password, please follow the instructions provided on the site. All you will need to do is click the link labelled "Have you forgotten your password?" on the Log In page, and enter your email address. The site will send you an email with your new password details. In the case where there is a joint membership an email will be sent to both primary and secondary account holders letting them both know the current username (i.e. the primary email address) and password.

I am expecting an email but have not received it
Do check your junk box in case any of our emails get caught as spam, and add us as a “safe” contact to minimise the chances of this happening

I don’t want to receive emails anymore – what shall I do?
Just click the “unsubscribe” link in the Art History in Focus newsletter or select the “No” option on the Change Account Details page when asked if you wish to receive newsletters.

I am having problems logging in
You can always request a new password if you are having problems logging in (see above), alternatively try clearing out your browser cache which should resolve the problem.


How do I make a booking online?
First of all log in using your account details, then go to the event or tour which you would like to book. Click on the Booking button to the right of the screen which relates to the event, and you will be taken through a very simple process, after which you will receive a confirmation email.

Is there a limit on the number of spaces I can book on tours or events?
No there is no limit. We have an online transaction limit of 2 places per tour and 4 per study day but if you want to book more spaces it’s easy – just go back into the system and book again until you have as many places as you require.

There is a limit for Friends of Art History in Focus however during the priority booking period. Priority spaces are limited to two spaces per tour, and four spaces per study day, course or event per membership (both individual and joint), although after the priority period Friends can book more if they wish.

How are payments made on your site?
You can pay online for all our events and tours online by either credit/debit card or with a PayPal account if you have one. We will not make any charges for you using UK credit or debit cards. For manual bookings we can only accept cheques.

All payments via our site including credit/debit card bookings are processed via a secure payment system called PayPal. We do not store credit card details nor do we share such details with any third parties.  For more information on Paypal see the subscription section below.

Why do I have to add my personal information and Advanced Passenger Information when booking a tour? Are my details kept?
This is essential information required for the administration of any tour booking either online or manual, but please note that it is securely stored and never passed to third parties other than for the purpose of carrying out your booking (for example, sending rooming lists to hotels or passenger lists to airlines). Advanced Passenger Information is required by airlines so we need this to book flights for you, but this is information that we only store for a short period before the departure. We will therefore require you to fill this information in each time you book a new tour. Art History in Focus takes the privacy of its customers very seriously – for more information see our downloadable privacy policy in the terms and conditions.

Will I get a confirmation of my booking?
If you book online then you will receive acknowledgement by email that the process has been made. However it will take a few days for the payment to go through and the booking accepted. We will write to you once more to confirm when the booking has been accepted and card debited, but please don’t worry if you don’t hear from us straight away as it takes a few working days. Please keep the email as a receipt of your purchase

If you have not received anything please check your junk box as it may have been caught by a spam filter on your computer.

If you book using a manual booking form we will write to you via email with a confirmation, but if you have not heard from us after 14 days please contact us as we may not have received the form.

Why are tour deposits non-refundable?
Deposits cannot be refunded or transferred because there are set costs that we incur on each tour: flight and hotel deposits, for example, have to be paid up to a year in advance of every departure.

How do I pay the final balance for a tour?
If you have booked a tour online and paid a deposit through Paypal, the system will retain your booking and allow you to pay the outstanding balance online. Log into your Paypal account and you will see a button saying "Pay Balance" for the tour which you have booked. Simply follow the instructions and your final payment will be processed. Please ensure that this reaches us before the deadline. Alternatively, the final balance can be settled by cheque.

What happens if I want to cancel a tour or event?
For legal reasons, we need to receive your cancellation either in writing or by email to
Please see the individual terms and conditions for cancelling events and tours – you can download these online.  Basic terms and conditions for cancelling study days and courses are also outlined on each event page.

How do I book for a friend and who receives confirmation of booking?
You can book and pay for an event online for a friend using your log in details – just enter their details in the relevant “participant details” boxes when requested. However only the person who has made the booking (i.e. yourself) receives the confirmation and system emails with regard to this booking.

If you wish to arrange a gift subscription for a friend then please contact us.

How do I buy a book from the reading list and is this compulsory?
All our events will have a recommended reading list and you will be able to purchase these books and products at competitive prices. This is powered by Amazon, and you’ll need an Amazon account in order to purchase these suggestions online. Reading lists are not compulsory however - nobody need feel at a disadvantage for not having done any homework before a course or tour! Often we are asked to provide these however, so an online link is the easiest way to provide this service.

I don’t want to book online. Can I book a tour, course or study day manually?
Yes of course. We understand that booking online is not for everyone, so if you prefer to send a booking form by post with a cheque that is absolutely fine. All the event details can be converted into an easy-to-print format (see the Print Details button) and there will be a link on each page to a manual booking form which you can complete and send to us by post.

I am expecting an email but have not received it
Do check your junk box in case any of our emails get caught as spam, and add us as a “safe” contact to minimise the chances of this happening


What do I receive when I become a Friend of Art History in Focus?
There are lots of exciting reasons to subscribe as a Friend and these can be found on Friend of Art History in Focus page. It’s definitely value for money, as you get a free study day every year plus a chance to win some fabulous gifts in our prize draws, and there is a period in which Friends have priority booking on all new tours and study days. Our tours often sell out very quickly, so this way you’ll have first right of refusal on the places. There are lots of other benefits too. More information can be found in the Friend of Art History in Focus Terms and Conditions.

How do I subscribe as a Friend of Art History in Focus online?
Go to the relevant page on the website and simply click “subscribe”, and you will be taken through a simple process. As subscription is a recurring annual payment, you will need a Paypal account which is very easy to set up, so that you can monitor these payments. Paypal is a secure third-party payment provider – please scroll down for more questions about Paypal.

How do I activate PayPal as a method of payment for my subscription?
To use PayPal to pay for your subscription, simply select the PayPal option on the subscription set-up screen. You will be required to log in to your PayPal account and agree to the Terms of Service. If you do not have a PayPal account, you will have the option to create one. Any charges made using PayPal or any other payment method can be viewed by logging into your PayPal account

Is it better to have a joint or individual subscription?
If you ever come on tours and events with a partner or friend living at the same address it would be worth having a joint subscription. This means that you will both have invitations to the free Friends’ study day, the prize draws, the Friends’ lunch and other benefits. Unfortunately joint membership is not available to people living at different addresses. Also, a joint subscription entitles you to a saving of £29!

How do I get access to the priority booking line?
Subscribing to our Friends’ programme online will give you immediate online access to priority booking for new events and tours. You will see that booking for some events is blocked until a certain date, but if you are a Friend and logged in, this automatically disappears and you have full access to all online booking.

It is also possible to subscribe to the Friends' programme using a manual booking form – your subscription would begin as soon as we receive and process payment.

I am a Friend but I cannot access the priority booking
Make sure you are logged into the website using your email and password

How do I cancel my Friend of Art History in Focus subscription?
Please let us know if you would like to cancel your account and we can arrange this for you. You can also do this by logging into your Paypal account and cancelling the subscription - your Friend benefits will run until the end of the subscription year but will not automatically renew. Please let us know if you are cancelling your subscription via Paypal yourself, so that we also have a record for our files.

How do I renew my Friend of Art History in Focus subscription?
Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the year and your card will be automatically debited via Paypal, but we will write to you in advance of this happening, in case you wish to update your card details, or change your mind and cancel.

When we write to you before your subscription is about to renew, you should check that your card details are up to date by going into your PayPal account. If you do not have sufficient funds available in your PayPal account or if the card details are incorrect, your recurring PayPal payment will not work and your Friend of Art History in Focus subscription will not be renewed.

What is PayPal?
PayPal is a third-party payment provider, and can be used to make payments online and also set up a recurring payment for Friend of Art History in Focus subscriptions. Whilst our tour and event bookings can be made by using a card, you will however need a PayPal account to set up a Friend of Art History in Focus subscription. It is very easy to set up an account - having an account enables you to manage your subscription easily, and it is also useful for making secure payments online with other companies and suppliers.

My login for PayPal isn't working.
If you are unable to log in to PayPal to complete your payment transaction you will need to either contact PayPal directly or visit their website to recover or modify your login information. Please contact Paypal if you have any questions regarding your account. Any questions about adding funds, transferring funds, or checking available funds on your PayPal account need to be directed to PayPal support. We cannot assist with PayPal account enquiries of any kind.

How do I arrange a gift subscription for someone?
If you wish to arrange a gift subscription then please contact us at


Are Art History in Focus tours protected?
Yes, all our holidays are protected by the Civil Aviation Authority and our ATOL number is 10377

What is the '4You' Loyalty Scheme?
This is our way of saying thank you to you for booking tours with us. If you book four trips then we will send you a case of wine, and of course if you book two holidays with a partner or friend at the same address you will receive the gift after just two tours! This scheme is valid for all tours booked from 2011.

Can I remove myself from a photo on the gallery page?
Of course, just let us know and we will do this for you

Can I add photos to the gallery page?
We are always delighted to receive your photos of trips and events so please do send these to us and we will upload them if we can.

How does the Facebook page work?
Art History in Focus has two facebook pages. There is a fan page which is available for everyone to see, and a private discussion forum where you can chat and discuss arts topics or AHF events with other members, and make new friends. To join the private forum, click on the “AHF on Facebook icon” at the bottom of the home page which will give you some more information and show you what to do.

I am finding it difficult to read the text on your website
You can enlarge the font size by clicking the VIEW icon on the toolbar at the top of the page on your computer. Scroll down to Zoom and press ZOOM IN as many times as you like to increase the size


Please contact us at for all press enquiries, or if you require publicity images

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