Cultural Travels from Home: The Amphitheatre of Capua Antica

Thursday 27th October 11.00AM

Today we visit the great amphitheatre of Capua for a live, guided tour in the company of expert archaeologist Dr Raffaele Romano. 

The town of Santa Maria Capua Vetere is a medieval descendant of Ancient Capua, one of the largest and most important cities of the ancient world, famous for its many monuments from Roman times, including the spectacular Amphitheatre 'Campano', second only in size to the Colosseum of Rome. Ancient Capua was founded by the Etruscans and was on the Via Appia, making it the most important city in the area. Capua was the site, among other things, of the famous Lentil Batiato's gladiatorial school that became the scene of the famous Spartacus rebellion. In this exciting tour our expert guide Dr Romano will describe the history of the Amphitheatre and the gladiatorial school, exploring Samnites tombs, Roman statues and ancient inscriptions.

Dr Romano is an archaeologist specialising in the iconic heritage of the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. He holds a degree in Archaeology, an M.A. in Classical Archaeology and a Ph.D. in Archaeological Heritage, with a thesis on Pompeii. Dr Romano has excavated at Pompeii and is part of an international team of archaeologists researching the northern side of Vesuvius. He has also worked as an archaeologist for the Vatican. In 2019 the city of Pompeii awarded him honorary citizenship and in March 2021, during an excavation at Pompeii, Dr Romano found the remains of an extra-urban villa, an exciting discovery which has received much international coverage. He is a highly personable and authoritative guide whose enthusiasm and passion are infectious!

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As always, that was an incredible tour from Dr. Romano! I was glued to the screen and it was totally fascinating.”

Mrs G Jones

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  • Explore the ancient amphitheatre of Capua
  • Live, interactive guided tour with expert archaeologist
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Virtual ticket price/donation to site included
  • Live Q&A



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